Feeney Cable Rail Quick-Connect Stainless Steal 3146

Feeney Cable Rail Quick-Connect Stainless Steal 3146
Brand: Feeney Cable Rail
Feeney Cable Rail
Model: 3146
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Price: $27.98
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Quick-Connect®SS by Feeney is an easy to use, patented system for termination end of CableRail. Install CableRail in a few simple steps... the Quick-Connect®SS allows cable to pass through the fitting in one direction only, then the Quick-Connect®SS automatically locks the cable in place, any excess cable can be trimmed and the tension adjustment fitting (installed on opposite end of cable) can be tightened to pull the CableRail taut. 

Feeney's patented Quick-Connect® automatic locking system makes installation quick and easy. You no longer need to hassle with crimp tools or time consuming wedge-type compression fittings. Simply push the end of the cable into the Quick-Connect® fitting, and the spring-loaded jaw automatically locks the cable into place. Don't worry, If you make a mistake and need to remove the cable, the CableRail Release Tool (sold separately) allows you to release cable from any Quick-Connect® fitting.

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